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Your dogs have been waiting for you at home all day and they are full of pent up energy while you are tired after a long day at work. Why not bring them to Four Paws Inn to play while you work?

At Four Paws Inn, we offer dog boarding, grooming and doggy daycare. A bored dog is one just waiting to develop bad behaviors. Even just one day a week spent as part of an active pack contributes to better socialization skills, builds endurance and makes for a healthier pet and of course, you get to enjoy a calmer dog at the end of the day! Your dog's day will be filled with group dog playtime and group hikes. We have large fenced in areas, great trails to walk and later snowshoe on and clean cushion-floored areas if the weather is bad and they are inside.

We’re family owned and operated, located just four miles out of downtown Montpelier, off rt 2. Call us at 479-3554 for more information!

Discount cards are now available for Doggy Daycare. See our Rates page for more information!