Our check-in and check-out hours for boarding dogs are 7 days a week, between 8-9am and 4-5pm. Check-out must be between 8-9am to avoid being charged another days boarding rate. 
To request a boarding reservation for your dog, please click here.
Please Note: We will be charging a $25 fee for any late pick ups or drop offs unless prior arrangements have been made.

  1. There is an intake form to fill out for boarding your pet with us, having your pet groomed or putting your dog into doggy daycare. Please fill out the form online and we will call you with any questions. Please bring your dog's shot records with you when you come; if you don't have them let us know and we will call your vet for confirmation.

  2. We now accept blood titers in lieu of recent vaccinations for your dog over the age of 6 months. We do require that the titers show that your dog is immunized against Distemper and Parvo. The Rabies vaccination needs to be given every 3 years under state law in VT so we will need proof of that. Please talk to your your vet about the blood titers and about whether or not the Bordatella vaccine, which is often given intranasal, would be useful for your particular dog. You will need to bring either the vaccination or blood titer record with you when you bring your dog to us or let us know so we can call your vet for confirmation.

  3. As we are very careful not to spread things around we are trying to make sure we never have an infestation of fleas. Also, we are located in a very rural area and dogs will be running in fields where ticks may be present. We know you won't want to be taking home any unwanted guests from our kennels! We require that all dogs be on flea and tick medicine monthly to prevent an outbreak of these pesky critters. It should be applied before your pet comes to stay with us.

  4. Temperament and socialization qualities in your pet are important for us to help make their stay a safe and fun time with us. We are happy to meet your dog ahead of time if you think your dog may have a hard time with boarding away from home. You can call us to set up a time for this.

  5. If you feed your dog a natural/raw diet, we are happy to feed it. Please make sure it is already prepared and proportioned for each feeding. We do have a refrigerator and microwave for storage/preparation.

  6. We provide beds and fleece blankets so you can leave your dog's large bed at home! Smaller beds that can be tossed into the washing machine (if an accident occurs) without having to take a cover off are best.


Intake Form


  1. Dogs must be non-aggressive toward people
    and other dogs.

  2. Dogs must be healthy and free of fleas and on a type of flea prevention program. For a list of required shots please see "Boarding Requirements".

  3. If you have not boarded with us you'll need to fill out an application form and bring it with you on the first day of doggy daycare, along with your recent shot records.

  4. We do not take female dogs in heat or that are pregnant.

  5. If your male dog is intact please let us know and we can discuss whether or not the dog would be appropriate for our canine pack.

  6. If you'd like to check in with us by phone during the day please call us at 479-3554 and we'll give you an update on your dog. We may be out with the dogs or on a hike but we will get back to you as soon as possible.

  7. The first two days your dog is with us for doggy daycare we will be assessing their ability to fit into the current group of dogs we have.

    Drop Off/Pick Up Hours:
    Tuesday (for low key and small dogs)

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