Currently, we only accept cash or checks for payment.

Boarding Rate
Our check-in and check-out hours are 7 days a week, between 8-9am and 4-5pm.
Check-out must be between 8-9am to avoid being charged another days boarding rate.

• $25/day for one dog
• $22/day for each additional dog from the same household.
• $5/day for medication administered while staying with us
• $10 Additional fee for daycare while boarding (Monday-Thursday)

Grooming Rate

Grooming charges vary with the breed and temperament of your pet, as well as the condition of his/her coat and skin. We will quote you a "base" price when we first talk to you. When we examine your pet, we will be able to provide a more accurate estimate which is based on a fair "time, plus materials" figure.
Call or email to setup an appointment.

Doggy Daycare Rate
• $25 per day for dogs 5 months and older
• $40 per day for two dogs in the same family
• $60 per day for three dogs in the same family

Discount Cards!
We have discount cards available for our frequent customers.
Daycare is included for boarding customers that use discount cards (a $10/day value)

We offer two types of discount cards:
•10 days @ $250 and you receive 1 free day (10% discount)
•20 days @ $500 and you receive 3 free days (15% discount)

Larger cards may be purchased, ask for details